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The organization structure

     According to the article 17 of the Law of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic "On the Commissioner (Ombudsman) for Human Rights of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic" for the purpose to involve into life the Commissioner's legal, organizing, scientific-analytical, information, material-technical, financial and economy ensurance its machinery is established.
The structure, staff and estimate expenditures are certained by the Commissioner.
The Commissioner hires the machinery employees him/herself and dismisses.
The rights, objectives and responsibilities of the Commissioner machinery employees are defined by the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On State employee" and other legislative acts.
The Commissioner's machinery is considered to be of 3 departments and 1 section with 22 staff units.
The key function of the department of the human rights and freedoms protection is to hear the complaints of human rights violation and ensure the activity of the Commissioner in the field of violated rights and freedoms rehabilitation.
The department fulfills the functions connected with protection of political, economic and social rights of different strata of people, refugees and displaced people, military servicemen, prisoners and citizens.
The department of juridical enlightenment, scientific-analytical, information and relation with community carries out juridical enlightenment for the purpose to prevent rights and freedoms violation, analyses the cases of human rights and freedoms violation, implements the enlightenment in connection with close cooperation with the community, rights protection organizations in the autonomous republic, also with local non-governmental organizations and other agencies.
The general department ensures the Commissioner's activity in the Commissioner's machinery in reception of applicants, registration of complaints and appeals, organizing of a protocol deal, organizing a control over the complaint and service documents execution.
But the department of finance and economy of the machinery implements the process of material-technical provision, finance and economy deals.


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